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Mr. Trupil Limbasiya

Trupil Limbasiya

Department of Computer Engineering
Faculty of P.G. Studies & Research in Engineering & Technology
Marwadi Education Foundation
Rajkot, India

Attacks in Remote User Authentication Scheme Review

In this e-technology world, any two or more individuals can transfer the talks over internet even though they are not near to each other. Before transferring the talks, they have to draw the prevalent session key based on the verification of each other through any authentication scheme called remote user authentication scheme. Many researchers have proposed the various remote user authentication schemes using various features like password, smartcard, biometric etc. Motivated by this, in this paper we prepared the state-of-art survey on the possible attacks based on the remote user authentication schemes from their inception. In addition, we have summarized 25 distinct attacks that can be possible on remote user authentication schemes and then we discussed some of the attacks. Our aim is not only do history finding on remote user authentication schemes but also familiarize researchers with list of attacks that are identified till this date on these schemes.

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